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Getting back to the essence of the objective is what differentiates dreamers and achievers. We can go on and on about how great something is going to be, but consistency and focus is the key to realizing excellence.


We push each other to complete perimeters of our comfort zone, consequently to the thresholds of innovation. This is the way we help each other to become better versions of what we can be.

Equipped with her passion in creativity, Winda has been in the communications and creative industry for close to 10 years, and has worked with clients from a wide array of industries. Her experience in leading and managing projects with attention to granularity has allowed her to work professionally with clients from all walks of life.


Winda’s body of work is defined by her constant pursuit of innovation and her relentless attention to detail. The works she aims to produce is one that is close to the client at heart. Making sure that the client and team has the same goal before starting on anything at all. This way, what’s important is nailed down, acting as a direction in guiding people to focus.


Collectively, this is what Winda capitalizes on in the management of all projects. Her core expertise is conceptualizing communications and creative strategies, which is then brought forth to reality with creative aspects and striking visualizations. This is showcased in the works she has done in communications and creative design, and the trust given by each and every one of the clients she worked with.

Steven’s experience as a management consultant has given him exposure to learn about differentiators in various business sectors. Throughout his different engagements with clients, he understands that focusing on the big picture and grasping different business concept allows for solid conceptualization and strategy development.


According to Steven, his greatest strength is thinking on his feet by being in a constant mode of brainstorming. Doing so allows ideas to flow creatively without boundaries. This however, has to be guided with intense focus on what needs to be achieved, so as not to lose sight of the end goal.


His key ability is being able to accentuate important areas, and finding the right words to paint an illustrative depiction with words. In carrying out projects, analyzing how people perceive things, what makes them “tick” and how to frame ideas, is what makes a string of words truly come live.




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