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We all know that presentations are a way of delivering content, sharing an idea, and an opportunity to create a call to action.


As we’ve discussed extensively in our blog post series on “The Great Public Speaking Myth: Speakers are Born, Not Made (Part 2 of 4)” (, wev’e gotten to know some techniques to improve public speaking.


Yet we all know that each individual is different, and have different presentation styles. So do you know your style?


Introducing the Tree of Presentation Styles

We developed this tree by looking and learning from numerous renowned speakers, and discovering that each individual brought different things to the table when they speak.


In total, we’ve narrowed and collated 5 different styles, each exemplified by highly accomplished and talented individuals. Along with these styles are distinct characteristics that they bring to the table.

Discovering Your Style

So do you know which one you are? As a blanket rule at the workplace, keep note of the context and the level information required by the audience. If you are developing the presentation content for your superior/boss, try to find out their style and customize the content accordingly (tip to avoid late night revisions)!


Just remember, there’s certainly no one right way of delivering a presentation. The tree of presentation styles is just a guide and gives you some personalities that you might wish to learn from. You can even mix and match the styles to make it your own!



There's no right or wrong way of presenting! We realized the perfect presentation is one suited to your style, customized to the listener’s interest.

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