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Dive in the Fire Within

How often do we talk about the virtue of hard work? Our parents, our friends, our boss talk about it. But how often do we actually work hard?

Now ask yourself, how often do you binge a series? Got stuck in youtube's rabbit hole? Taking longer lunches when you know you've had work to do? Or simply, sleeping 9 whole hours when you know you really just need 8? (we do it too..) ​​


A couple days ago, i stumbled upon an old Nike Air Jordan "Maybe it's my fault" commercial.

It reminded me that while most of us long for success, we forget that success takes sacrifice, and at the core of it - pure hard work. We all see the Instagram posts about eating at a packed fancy restaurant (and think to ourselves, "man they make a lot of money just overcharging on eggs and toast), or see this influencer enjoying a 5 star trip (dude, "she gets paid to stay in those hotels!")

For this, we are publishing a web series on DIVE IN THE FIRE WITHIN.

We will be publishing a series of interviews with successful individuals, to find out what makes each of them tick. The long hours, conflicts with clients & partners, missed dinner dates - struggles. This series will explore and dive in the fire of hard work, not the flash of glamor and fame. A successful business takes tremendous perseverance and passion, and that's what we want to document with this web series.

Thanks for reading!


Stay tuned for when we publish our interviews! We're working hard on each of them!


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