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Not a lot of words necessary in this piece. Just a few questions:


  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to convey your idea visually?

  • Do you envy presentations by designers and consultants?

  • Do you wish you had a library of elements you can simply select from, all of which are editable with regards to colors, shapes and sizes?

  • How much time do you spend working on PowerPoint?

Worry not if you answered Yes, and many, many hours to the last question! YK has spent hours developing and putting together this PowerPoint Timesaver file. The name comes from the first question as we are constantly working on slides, and one day figured that it might be useful to invest the time in putting together a single file made up of commonly used elements.


And now, we are here to share it with you!

This file contains shapes for icons, approaches, processes, frameworks, and even maps. Try them out for yourself by downloading it here! Hope it saves you as much time as it saves us!


A powerful presentation evokes emotions and thoughts. Engage the audience visually, with rich and key information so that the audience can quickly understand the gist of a presentation.

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