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With the increasingly competitive workplace, paired with advancements in technology and processes, the need for people development has never been higher. As such, YK is dedicated towards fulfilling this need through a variety of trainings and workshops applicable across industries, because we understand that competence is an essential aspect of high performance organizations.

Agile Culture & Execution

Disruptions are not strangers to business, however, it is becoming more common. How ready is your business?

Agile Culture & Execution (ACE) deliver new ways of working and competing in a world of disruptions. ACE is based on empathy towards users, agility in decision-making, and experimentation with ideas to build the highest value and impact within a fast-moving world.

How quickly does your business innovate? How fast can you deliver to market? How is collaboration among departments? We aim to facilitate ideas and assist your teams in formulating solutions in a few short days, uniquely tailored to your core challenges and targets.

Towards Impactful Presentations

Building, Delivering and Evaluating Your Presentation

A powerful presentation evokes emotions and thoughts. Within the business world, reactions to information triggers further action, which impacts business results.



Understanding that the impact of a presentation goes beyond what is shared in a room is what makes it imperative in the world today, so that we can shape business results with a target in mind. Here, participants learn how to develop, deliver, and improve overall presentations.

The Universe of Personal Improvement

Explore the universe of personal improvement through a wheel of fortune game!


How often does an adult get to learn new skills? Chances are, not as often as you'd like! The Universe of Improvement is a program for those keen on learning practical skills at work to increase their value (both self and organization).



The sessions will explore various applicable skills, such as heightening concentration, memory techniques, speed reading (and many more), packaged in a fun & dynamic ‘wheel of fortune’ game concept and activities.

Be a Communications Star

Learn about the importance of communications from the world of movies and acting

From learning script, mastering the tool of their craft, playing the role of a character, and pouring out their emotions on screen - participants break out of the typical classroom setting and be actors and actresses for a day!

Three-dimensional Workplace

Navigating Dynamics and Enhancing Effectiveness


This intensive training program designed to help employees more clearly understand and contribute actively within its role in the organization.


What differentiates this training is that activities are aimed to go beyond helping participants be more effective in their role, but also detecting potential issues and improvements that are widespread throughout the organization.

The end result is empowered employees in their roles (step 1), with data diagnostic and reporting on how organizations can further improve (steps 2 & 3).

Attention!!! Managers & Supervisors

Basic Manager-Leadership Skills

Our basic manager-leadership skills is a series of modules designed for a one-day training. Each module is designed to be highly interactive with the main goal of participants to "think differently" about their role in the overall growth and improvement of the organization. The foundation of the training is equipping participants with management (technical) and leadership (social) skills in their roles.

Office Fight Club

Conflict Management & Resolution

Conflict... while it's often blamed for the breakdown of a team's unity, it's often just a symptom of a larger problem. This program lays out a practical approach to deal with the symptoms of conflict, and finding the right cure.

Discovering Creative Confidence

Think Bold, Think Different

Much of the thinking in formal education emphasizes skills of analysis; Follow or create logical arguments, eliminate incorrect paths and focus on the correct one. Thinking that focuses on exploring ideas, generating possibilities, are often forgotten. While everyone has substantial internal creative ability, much of it are forgotten as people grow into adulthood. This course is built to help employee rediscover the creative confidence within, and apply it into the workplace.

What's The Best That Could Happen?

Positive Work Attitude

Put simply, nobody wants to work with someone who complains all day. We find that positive people simply radiate success! Superiors want them on their team. Subordinates want to work harder for them. Customers and clients want to do business with them!

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