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⁠⁠⁠Visualization and presentations are a norm of communications in the world of business and economies. Bank Indonesia's team of expert economists, approached YK as it looked to improve the presentation visualization skills of team members, so that they can develop presentations with more impact.



With several discussions held, YK set about to develop and tailor a workshop (Towards Impactful Presentations), to assist the team in the basics of engaging visual presentations. The workshop covered a range of topics, from storyboarding, right down to the core technical skills of understanding and developing visualizations.​




As a Toyota automobile distributor, Wira Toyota has accomplished a name for itself as one of the prime dealers in Eastern Indonesia. It has competed and succeeded over the years through word-of-mouth and excellent sales services to build a reliable brand. Now, as it seeks to continue its success and craft out a new sales channel, Wira Toyota wanted to heighten its image, accountability and trust in the eyes of the consumers.



Through discussions and sessions of brainstorming with the management and business development team, a key component to truly competing in the market was to build a digital identity through a website. Once the solution was identified, the team set off to creating a stylistic modern design that reflected Wira Toyota's brand. It was also suited with a concept revolving on a futuristic and speedy feel to maximize navigation experience.


An emphasis for the project is in customizing a user-friendly content management system (CMS) so that the website owner will be able to continue enhancing and updating its website in the future with new information given the fast-paced changes that comes with the business.




Syah Establishments is a lifestyle and F&B company enjoying massive unexpected growth ever since its inception. It grew exponentially into over 7 establishments in 6 years, with over 400 employees.


The Board of Directors soon realized that its holding company experienced growing pains (miscommunication, lack of coordination, etc.) and that middle management lacked empowerment.



Through strategic discussions, YK developed an organization design solution aimed at establishing a structure, conducive for sustainable and measurable operations. This was to be supported by a set of integrated performance measures designed to build accountability and ownership at all levels of leadership.

At the end of the project, a fun workshop was held to equip each Executive (anyone with subordinates) with an Executive Handbook which emphasized the message of Empowerment, including exercises on leadership & communication. With the organization design in place, Directors and leaders were able to focus on strategic value-adding activities as employees had clearer segregation of duties and clear pictures on their individual & collective roles.




Working with different partners and clients to serve various toll manufacturing needs over the last few years, Midix is on a journey to become a leading pharmaceuticals company by providing quality health products in the marketplace. Trust is the foundational aspect in Midix’s operations, and it required a way of communication to reach out to their partners quickly as an introduction.



Once we spoke and discussed with the Management of Midix, it was clear that a company profile was the answer to introducing itself in a crisp and professional manner. The key in crafting the right profile for Midix, was to work within a frame to write and design visuals that are in line with the essence of the company, excellence. Exhibiting its goals, products and employees, the right message has to get across for clients and partners through the profile.




DAMN! has grown to position itself as Indonesia’s leading brand in modern patriotism. Over the years of its growth, the management team has had various offers to work with business partners to leverage DAMN!’s brand beyond their clothing line, through franchising and licensing. However it struggled to communicate the brand’s standards and style, and as such needed an approach to introduce DAMN! as a brand consistently.



We wanted to get down to the roots of what made DAMN! the leader of the youth market in promoting the love of Indonesia – to kick off the project, we conducted a brand mapping session with the founders to gain a deeper understanding of brand’s core attributes and how they planned to grow in the future. After the session, we moved forward to develop a Brand Guideline which included the overall brand experience, signature products and graphical elements. The aim is for the guideline to help partners understand DAMN!’s positioning in the market, so that future licensees can formulate products that are in line with their main business lines. Additionally, it also provided employees with guiding points when formulating internal brand initiatives.




Telkomsel is a telecommunications giant dominating the Indonesian celular market. It does this with constant innovations that pushes the company well into billions of revenue every year. As part of its ongoing campaign, the company sets out to create calendars and agendas for 5,000 stakeholders, centered on images from an internal photography competition.



Based on the theme established by Telkomsel, the team began to develop the concept of sharing adventures through digital experiences on social media on the wonders of Indonesia. The calendar was then developed with a focus on a particular image seen through the lenses of the newest gadgets and products by Telkomsel. The themes and images "shared through a social media platform" were also tailored to the authentic Indonesian celebrations every month - from a planned diving getaway in April, a long awaited family visit for Idul Fitri in June, to authentic Batik creation for the Indonesian Batik Day in October.

It’s all about the client.

Client service is a key value of ours, first and foremost. It is the single, most powerful driving force that pushes us to follow our curiosity and formulate solutions to help the clients.


Everything we do is in the best interest of our client.

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